By  Tristan Burris (Whetstone Contributor)

John Wolgamot was crossing the street, heading back to his dorm when he heard gunshots.

“There were about three or four of them,” said the sophomore Malmberg resident.

Wolgamot immediately reported it to his resident assistant, Jen Post, who spoke with security.

The gunfire broke out near Malmberg in the early morning hours of Jan. 20. Police said a man was driving down South Governor’s Avenue and 26-year-old Jamar West fired several rounds at him.

Although an off-campus crime, it was close enough that a stray bullet damaged the windshield of senior Dave Driscoll’s car, parked outside of Lot C.

Walt Beaupre, director of safety and security at Wesley College, said Driscoll didn’t report the incident to security for more than 14 hours later. His vehicle’s windshield was apparently damaged by a

Driscoll's car

Driscoll’s car

single shot.

Evan Collotti, also a sophomore and Malmberg resident, was walking toward his dorm only minutes after the shooting when he saw several Dover Police cars burning the night sky with their blue lights.

“One was on the corner of Governor’s and Division trying to keep people away,” Collotti said. “It looked like it happened about five houses away from the corner. It was very close.”

Dover Police said an unidentified man was driving his car when he saw an SUV turning around in the middle of the street. He noticed a larger group of people standing just beyond the SUV and that is when he saw a gun pointed at him by a man wearing black who was among the crowd.

He managed to reverse his car and escape without injury, but his car was also damaged by the gunfire.

Dover Police said the crime stemmed from a previous fight between the large group of people and passengers of the SUV.

Jamar West

Jamar West

The shooter, Jamar West, has been arrested on 6 different charges and sent to the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center with an $88,500 secured bond set.

The incident involved several unidentified people.

“We happened to have a camera pointed right at it,” said Interim Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Alan Russell.

Unfortunately, the shooting occurred too far away in the dark night to distinguish any features.

Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to contact Dover Police at 302-736-7111 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-847-3333.

The Wesley College Anonymous Tip Line is also available and can be reached at 302-747-5110, or students can access the online anonymous reporting system on the Wesley website by navigating down to the “Safety & Security Alerts” link at the bottom of the home page.