Marissa Hayes, (Whetstone Staff writer)

Flurries did not stop students from attending the Chapel’s second worship service of the semester.

“It’s beautiful to see all the students come out on a night like this in the middle of the week,” said Rev. John Scott, a Wesley security guard.

The evening included Wesley’s gospel choir, personal testimonies and a sermon.  Campus minister Steve LaMotte led the service.

“I was excited when I continuously saw more and more students coming in,” said LaMotte.  “The purpose of these services is to allow students to be able to come and fellowship with one another.”

With the church seats filled from front to back, students appeared to have enjoyed themselves.  Freshman Cory Brown, a member of the gospel choir, concurs.

“It was a great night and it’s nice to see that a little rain didn’t stop students from coming out to support,” said Brown.  “I really believe that students look forward to these monthly services.”

Choir member sophomore Murt Murray said she looks forward to the services.

“I hope students spread the word so more students will attend the next service,” she said.

Freshman Andrea Stern said the chapel should have worship services more often.

“This is my second time coming and it gets better every time,” she said.  “It would be great if the Chapel hosted services more than just once a month.”

Freshman Jabreesha Nelson said once every two weeks might work.

“It will allow students more opportunities to attend a service instead of having to wait a whole month for the next one,” she said.

The Chapel will have a worship service a week before Easter on March 28.  Even with the service a month away, freshman Molly Johnson said she was excited about it.

“I commute but I genuinely enjoy coming to the services and seeing other students come to worship together,” she said. “There’s something special about being in the presence of God.”