By Warren Gross (Whetstone staff writer)

The golf team wants to continue last year’s championship season.

Wesley golf

Wesley golf          Wesley athletics

Last year, the team won the CAC conference tournament for the third time since 2007. They defeated Stevenson University by eight strokes to take home the title. The team was led by CAC individual champion Bobby Ehrhardt, who won by a seven strokes.

Senior Clayton Bunting also had a successful year, receiving All Conference Honors by finishing sixth in the tournament. Coach Rick McCall won CAC coach of the year.

Ehrhardt said he was happy about last year’s success.

“Last season’s success came at the end of the year when we won the conference,” he said. “It was great for my team and good for me individually.”

The team knew it had to come together to achieve a conference championship, Bunting said.

“We learned a lot about teamwork and helping each other succeed,” he said. “The conference championship was a symbol of how effective we were at getting better each tournament.”

Clayton Bunting

Clayton Bunting     Wesley athletics

Both Ehrhardt and Bunting know to win another championship they have to keep playing as a team – not just individually.

“We could improve as a team,” Ehrhardt said. “We can play better in tournaments individually and get wins as a team.”

Bunting said there’s always room for improvement.

“Hopefully we will get better as a team bring home another conference championship,” he said.

Ehrhardt said he needs to work on his game to continue being successful, particularly his short game, such as putting and chipping. His goal this year is to win the conference title and make it to nationals.

Robert Erhardt

Robert Erhardt          Wesley athletics

“Individually, I want to improve my entire game,” he said. “This isn’t an easy sport. You have to work on your game all the time.”

Students said they were pleased by the team’s success last year.

“Being a fan of the sport, it was really exciting to see them win,” said senior Matt Ley. “Golf is a great sport and it’s awesome to see the team win.”

Ley was a spectator at Wild Quail Golf Club and saw the team compete in the season’s final tournament.

“My friends and I went to go see my roommates (Ehrhardt and Bunting) play last spring,” he said. “Seeing them play was really exciting.”