By Evan Collotti (Whetstone staff)

It was the biggest Meet the Greeks ever held at Wesley College.

“This semester’s Meet the Greeks was a big step for us because for the first time it was held in the Wells Theater will all of the fraternities and sororities together,” said Jenai Copeland, Gooding Hall residential director and adviser to the Greeks, of the event held Feb. 12.

With the new and improved Greek Union, which includes all seven of the Greek organizations on campus, taking the place of the Inter-Greek Council, which only had four, all of the Greek organizations were allowed to participate.

The event included slideshow presentations, home videos to even a step dance routine.

“The Greeks were very eager to show what they’re all about and they all did a great job,” Copeland said. “Overall the event was a big success.”

Greek organizations presented their ideals, history, pre-requisites, and members.

“’Meet the Greeks’ is to inform the student body about the Greek community, whether they’re Greek or not,” said Fred Sottnick, president of Alpha Phi Delta. “It also allows potential rushes to determine which organization best fits them and their personality and ideals.”

The Greeks did not put too much emphasis on attracting rushes for their organization, as Meet the Greeks was more of an introduction about what each organization was about.

The Greek Union has allowed organizations, such as Alpha Phi Omega, who originally were not acknowledged as a major Greek organization, to get some attention.

“It is cool that we are all in this together now,” said Jen Grillo, a member of Alpha Phi Omega. “I am very excited that all of the Greeks are together thanks to the Greek Union.”

The Greeks held events leading up to the Greek Interest Orientation meeting on Feb. 19. On Feb. 13, the Greeks held a “chill night” in the Underground, which was an informal night for people to hang out and get to know the Greeks behind the suits and ties.