How do you feel about gun control laws?

John WolgamotSophomore John Wolgamot

“If you’re stupid enough to shoot yourself with your own gun, then maybe that’s survival of the fittest.”






Cheyenne LazarusFreshman Cheyenne Lazarus

“I feel like there should be laws as to who is able to own guns, but the right to own guns shouldn’t be taken away completely.”






Unique WashingtonJunior Unique Washington

“I feel like it’s good and bad because you’ll never be able to get all the guns off the street, so people need them for protection. If guns are outlawed, then only the law-breakers will have them.”






Chris GendreauFreshman Chris Gendreau

“Gun control is typically used to distract from the issue of mental illness, meaning people blame the gun rather than the person.”