By Melissa Boyd (Whetstone staff)

Cory Brown

Cory Brown

Sophomore Cory Brown never thought he’d be SGA treasurer, but he will be. He’s running unopposed.

“I really thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I am,” he said. “As a sophomore, not many people run for SGA positions that young and it makes me feel good.”

He said he hadn’t even thought about running until a friend, Mike Streeter, talked to him about it.

“He told me all the duties and this would be a good opportunity for me,” he said.

As a business administration major with a concentration in management, the position of treasurer would certainly add to his resume.

“I want to be a future banker,” he said.

He said he doesn’t have specific plans for Wesley just yet, but they’re coming.

“As the days get closer, I know I’ll start thinking about specific changes I’d like to see for Wesley and SGA,” he said. “I just haven’t gotten over the fact that I’ve made it this far yet.”

BSU President Kyle Pequeno said he thinks Brown will excel as treasurer for SGA, as he is currently treasurer of BSU.

“He’s really enthusiastic and energetic,” he said. “He’s involved in a lot and has the potential to be a good leader.”

He said there will be challenges.

“The biggest challenge is making sure every organization has everything they need, or at least close to what they need,” he said. “But this should be a wonderful experience for me and I look forward to hopefully moving up the SGA chain eventually.”

“I think Cory would do well at whatever he sets his mind to,” said sophomore Terrance Wingate, a fellow BSU executive member. “He knows how to run a business and I think his classes for business administration probably help him do an even better job.”

Wingate said he thinks Brown has a strong will.

“He’s always respectful,” he said. “He has a loud voice, but he just makes sure his voice is heard. For an SGA officer, that’s a great thing because he can speak up for the people who feel they don’t have a voice.”