By Marissa Hayes, (Whetstone Staff)

Every semester, Ronald Johnson drives through campus on a golf cart.

Ronald Johnson

Ronald Johnson          Danielle Reid / Whetstone

Receiving an average eight to 10 maintenance requests a day, Johnson’s cart is always on the move.

“My cart makes me feel as if I’m a superhero coming to the rescue,” he said.

His cape would be a faded Wesley jacket with a beige cap and paint-splattered boots.   No precipitation or weather stops Johnson from getting the job done.

From leaking refrigerators to clogged toilets, Johnson has been working at Wesley for more than six years and likes that people need his services so much.

“The students highly depend on me to fix things, and that’s what I intend to do,” he said.

Johnson lives in the small town of Lincoln, Del.  Every morning, he and his wife of 14 years wake up at 5 a.m. to prepare their eight children for the day.

They work as a team to make sure their children is up and out the door for school, day care, and the baby sitter.  The youngest out of eight children, Johnson has mastered the art of patience.

“Some might ask how I make time to cater to my children and such a hectic profession,” he said.  “My only answer is I create and manage my time in a way that I get my job done and still get home in time for dinner.”