By Linnea Cavallo (Whetstone, Staff Writer)

When senior sports management major Nate Gorski went to his first day of classes in Longwood Hall, there were no chairs or tables in the classroom. The class had to be moved to a different room where some tables were new and some were old.

“The mismatched tables and chairs throws off the aesthetics of the classrooms and makes for a distraction, which leads to a poor learning and teaching environment,” Gorski said.

The classroom problems were not only confined to the kinesiology department. Psychology’s rooms also had many problems.

Some of the technology was not working when classes first started. A lot of departments were having trouble logging into computers; the sound in some rooms was not working; and there were some projectors and computers that were not set up and ready for the first day.

“There have been some bumps, but that happens with a new place,” psychology professor Dr. Valerie Perez said.

Although the opening of Longwood Hall was rough, the building is expected to be positive for the majors that now located in the building.

The psychology department now has a lab for all of their students’ research. “

The lab consists of a room with a one-way mirror for observation and an interview room to conduct research,” said psychology professor Dr. Angela D’Antonio. “I’m very excited about it.”

When psychology majors do their Capstones, they can now execute them in the lab space that is now provided, she said.

“Before, we had to find space in the College Center, which was ridiculous,” said Psychology Club President Terrance Wingate. “We always had to reschedule the psychology club meetings.”

The psychology club is also gaining from the new building.

“The building gives us our own space to do experiments,” Wingate said.

Professors and students said that by having a designated space for their majors, prospective students might be more likely to want to come to Wesley.

“They want to see that we have a facility to execute the research they are doing,” Perez said. “It’s meaningful.”

Although the building was not fully ready for the first day of classes and is still undergoing some changes and adjustments, people said they believe the building is a positive addition to Wesley.

“What is most exciting about the building is seeing the growth of Wesley as a whole,” Gorski said. “Even though the process of using this building was not completely and properly thought out, it is good to see that Wesley is expanding.”

Longwood Hall Art Room

[Damyra Price, The Whetstone] Longwood Hall Art Room