By Rick Jackson (Whetstone staff writer)


Rick Jackson: How long have you been teaching?

Tery Griffin: I’ve been teaching full time for 11 years. I’ve been at Wesley for 8 years.

RJ: How have you changed your style since you started teaching?

TG: I would say I’ve become more student oriented, trying to get the students more involved.

RJ: What have you taught at Wesley and what are you currently teaching?

TG: I started out teaching creative writing courses. I later switched to teaching web design and technology-related classes.

RJ: What rewards do you personally get from teaching?

TG: When I walk around class and I hear students who didn’t understand something before say that they’ve got it now. That’s the most gratifying experience.

RJ: Where did you go to school? What was your major?

TG: I did my undergrad study at Trinity College in Connecticut. I received my master’s degree at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and my doctorate at NYU.

 RJ: What drew you to this field?

TG: When I finished my Master’s I was working part time in New England. I decided to work at Trinity College working with computers. Computers are a great way for people to learn.

RJ: What was your worst or most interesting job as a student?

TG: Well I had a full time job as a student. As an undergrad sometimes a professor would call out sick and would let me teach the class.

RJ: Where were you born and raised?

TG: I’m from Hartford Connecticut but I have family in Delaware.

RJ: What is your favorite movie?

TG: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite movie; it depends on the movie and the storyline but my favorite genre is drama.

RJ: What is your favorite book?

TG: My favorite book is Tell me a Riddle by Tillie Olsen because it was the first book I read by a working class woman.

RJ: What is your favorite music?

TG: I like all different kinds of music; I enjoy jazz, blues, classical, folk. Pretty much everything except rap.

RJ: What are you favorite pastimes and hobbies?

TG: My favorite hobbies are reading, writing and photography.

RJ: What are you most passionate about in life?

TG: I am most passionate about seeing people treated fairly and justice being served.