By Linnea Cavallo, The Whetstone, staff writer

Sign posted outside of College Center Sign posted outside of College Center

Because of an increase in thefts and robberies this semester, Wesley Security increased the presence of its 10 security full-time security guards around campus, as well as hired several part-timers to monitor the College Center.

The monitoring of College Center was a response to several recent thefts, including one on Nov. 7.

The first theft occurred about 6 p.m. when a student reported her cell phone stolen from a table she was sitting at in Parker Library. The other theft took place just about an hour later when a girl who was sitting in front of the library had her iMac stolen from her while she was using it. She told security the young teenager had asked to use her cellphone. When she refused, he grabbed her iMac and ran.

An email sent out said that security and Dover Police believe the person responsible is about 16.

“Although they rarely come on campus to commit these crimes, this semester has been very unusual with the number of crimes committed by this small percentage,” said head of security Walter Beaupre

After this incident, security decided to add extra security around campus.

“Our goal in adding security is to keep our campus community safe and to prevent future thefts,” Beaupre said.

The added security included a change in rules: any student or person entering the College Center after 6 p.m. was required to show his or her Wesley ID card. Security checked for student IDs at three doors leading into the College Center – the Parker Library entrance and South and North plaza entrance.

“We placed signs around the outside of our campus indication it’s private property, that there is 24-hour video surveillance and those trespassing will be prosecuted,” Beaupre said.

If a students didn’t have their identification card, they were not allowed in the building.

“I personally didn’t have any problems getting into the College Center but I know some other students did because they didn’t bring their IDs with them,” said junior Warren Gross.

Students said they felt safer on campus thanks to the added security.

“It wasn’t a bad idea by the school,” Gross said.

The added security around campus stopped Nov. 24.

The Student Government Association is helping to improve safety around campus by giving money toward safer entry methods.

“Thanks to the Student Government Association, we will be installing access readers on the lower level doors in the College Center,” Beaupre said.

Only those who have Wesley ID cards will be able to get into the building by swiping their cards. This will be much like how students get into the dorms.

“I think the added security made the campus feel safer,” said senior Danielle Tearl. “I also think that the card readers will keep more people who aren’t students off campus.”