By: Melvin Keldo (Whetstone Contributor)

When it comes to Thanksgiving, students think of the three Fs: food, football and family.

The first thing junior Felix Ortiz thinks about is food.

“I love when my mom makes Mac and cheese, turkey,” he said. “I love watching football and the Thanksgiving parade.”

Ortiz attended the Thanksgiving parade last year and received a prize.

“Last year my family and I were on TV on the Thanksgiving parade,” Ortiz said. “We won a free case of donuts from Dunkin Donuts for being the loudest family at the parade and we were interviewed by ABC’s Adam Joseph. It was a Thanksgiving I will never forget.”

Junior Anthony Clark Phillips, 21, stresses family and friends.

“To me I think of family, a lot of food and, of course, football,” he said. “The food I love to eat is turkey and mashpaters. The one thing I am hoping for this year is spending Thanksgiving with my girlfriend.”

Elvie Domond, sophomore, 19, has a big family to handle at this year’s Thanksgiving.

“I am really looking forward to seeing my family,” Domond said. “I have over 40 family members. I usually have Thanksgiving here in Delaware but sometimes my family and I head up to Boston or New York.”

Most student athletes have less time to spend with their family on Thanksgiving, but one football player gets to spend the whole Thanksgiving break with his family.

“My favorite part about Thanksgiving is Mac and cheese and seeing my family,” said junior Matthew Bundy, 20, a wide receiver.

Bundy suffered a shoulder injury last month and this is the first time in a while that he gets stay home for the whole Thanksgiving break.

“Last year I went home for Thanksgiving but only for a couple hours,” he said. “I had to be back for practice.”

Not all students celebrate the holiday, however.

“When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of the slaughter of the Native Americans and I don’t think Christians should celebrate Thanksgiving,” said sophomore Bryheim Muse. 19. “I think people want to make it as an excuse just for food. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I celebrate the Feast of Dedication, which is called Chanukah.”

Shane Jacobs said the holiday for him is all about family, food and football.

“One of my favorite parts about Thanksgiving is my high school Thanksgiving football game,” said the 20-year-old junior. “I get to see my high school friends and catch up with them. I haven’t seen them since August.”