By Brittany Wilson (Whetstone Staff Writer)

A Wesley student noticed two older men dragging a 5-year-old girl along the sidewalk on Governor’s Avenue near Parking Lot D Sept. 2.

The anonymous student called Wesley security, which came out and held the two men, both of whom were about 60 years old, said both Walt Beaupre, head of Wesley security, and Dover police, which came later.

The child they were dragging was a 5-year-old African-American girl, Beaupre said.

Sophomore Kristen Griffith said she drove past the scene shortly after it happened.

“When I was sitting with my friends outside of Roe, we saw a few security guards running past the building toward the bus stop,” she said. “On our way to [soccer] practice, we passed by the security guards talking to a little girl while she was crying. We were all wondering what was wrong with her.”

Beaupre said both men were intoxicated. One was charged as a wanted local fugitive, but neither of the men was charged concerning the child.

Police and Beaupre did not provide any more information.