Mechanical Bull Provided to Students

Mechanical Bull Provided for Students

By Cheyenne Lazarus (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Sophomore Kristen Griffith said she was excited to ride the mechanical bull Student Life provided for students on campus on Halloween.

“I rode it twice and I was impressed with myself because I was able to hang on for almost 20 seconds,” she said.

Sophomore Rose Bondoe also enjoyed the mechanical bull and suggested having it again for Halloween next year or for other, future events.

Besides the mechanical bull, Student Life had a haunted house in the amphitheater on Friday and a party on Saturday night. The haunted house was popular.

“There was a decent crowd going through for the time it was held,” said senior Angelicia Garrison.

She was not brave enough to go through the haunted house, but stood outside and watched people go through and saw their reactions coming after they had gone through.

“It was funny watching a big, tough guy walking out at the end screaming,” she said. “He was so afraid.”

Griffith also liked the haunted house and thought it was well done.

“I didn’t get as scared as I thought I would get because I kept my head down and tried to not look at the scary faces,” she said.

Students suggested having the haunted house later at night, so more people could come out and enjoy it.

The Halloween party held Saturday night went well, according to the students. The party was free; however, students had to sign up in advance and there was only one outside guest per student permitted. The party was free to all students but donations of a dollar or canned food was collected at the door.

Students agreed that Student Life should host the events again next year, especially the haunted house. It gave students an alternative to do something instead of staying in their dorm rooms or having them leave campus.

“It was a great way to keep students safe on campus,” Griffith said.