Nathan Biondi

Nathan Biondi

By John Wolgamot (Whetstone Staff Writer)

You have most likely seen him all over campus.

He’s sometimes referred to as the “short guy with the glasses,” but Nathan Biondi is much more than that.

Biondi is Wesley College’s newest assistant director of residence life.  He also is helping to fill the void left when Kevin Hansbury, director of resident life, took a leave of absence at the start of this semester.

“Nate was very helpful providing me assistance going through the move-in process at Wesley College,” said freshman Louis Ray. “He helped me resolve my roommate issues quickly, and even delivered my new room key to me in person. Nate was very polite, and easy to work with.”

Biondi has a great sense of humor, said Melissa Elliott acting assistant dean of students. “Especially in the face of adversity and has a positive attitude that is extremely contagious.”

Elliott said she and Biondi are Lord of the Rings fans.

“I mentioned both of us were just starting in Residence Life and it was an adventure, just like the one in Lord of The Rings,” she said. “It was at that point that Nate said his line to me, ‘Well, if you need anything you have my cell – and my loyalty,’ in a solemn way similar to the movie.”

Junior Samantha Weber said she was stressed moving in to Zimmerman Hall.

“I had a million questions, like when can we move in, when and where do we pick our keys up, and how different is Zimmerman from all the other resident halls?” she said. “He answered all of them in a timely manner.”

Biondi educated orientation leaders on resident hall policies, said sophomore Jessica Holder, an education major and orientation leader.

“We were prepared to answer any questions incoming freshman had during orientation,” she said.

Biondi, born and raised in Ellicott City, Md., graduated from the University of Evansville with a bachelor’s Archaeology and concentration in the Crusades.

“I did some work in archaeology as a field tech specialist at a place called Tel Jezreel, Israel,” he said.

Previously Biondi also worked at Kmart catching shoplifters, and was an office manager and registrar at Wesley in New Castle, a center for adult studies.

After the closing of the New Castle campus last semester, his boss, Kevin Cullen, brought him to Dover as a special projects coordinator in Student Affairs soon after he took on the job of assistant director of residence life.

He oversees housing.  Biondi is also responsible for assigning meal plans.

“I want to make housing selection a much simpler process” Biondi said. “And I also want to improve the look of our residence halls.”

“After the vest comes off I like to go home and listen to my vinyl collection” Biondi said.” I love The Rolling Stones and The Guess Who.”

Biondi also practices martial arts.

“I have a second-degree black belt (advanced) in Budo Taijutsu, and I currently have a green belt (intermediate) in Ninpo Taijutsu.”