By Orlando Rodriguez (Whetstone Staff Writer)

In the real world, there are no ifs, ands, or buts. When something is due it is due, even when working in a team.

But functioning properly in a group can be a task of its own.

When working with more than one person, some might think that others will help lower the stress level and allow each individual to work to his or her strengths. But, as we know, it’s more than likely to happen that way.

Working on group projects has been an ongoing problem with me. I wish they were eliminated. But I have to deal with them occasionally here at Wesley.

So, to deal with it, here are few things you have to keep in mind:

  • The people who we work with
  • Everyone’s strengths and weaknesses,
  • And the personality of the people in the group

One thing I’ve learned is that at least one group member must take the initiative and keep track of all the records. He also needs to make a schedule for the work that must be done individually and collectively.

I’ve learned that a project represents each member of the group, and if one person is not holding his end up, the whole team suffers.

Not all group work is a problem.

There are times when working with others is needed, especially in the world of media.  Everyone at some point in his life depends on someone else because he knows that some jobs cannot be completed on his own.

If you think about it, one security camera will not be able to oversee everything that happens on Wesley College Campus, and one specific player on any sports team will not be able to win a game on his own. It takes sacrifice and discipline to make sure an assignment is completed and on time.

Most of the time, people on a team or in a group know their individual role will help the group function as a unit. When someone does not complete his part, the group falls apart.

As an example, let’s use the Whetstone.

The Whetstone has an online site as well as a printed edition. There are people who write articles for the paper and there is a person who is in charge of the lay out for the printed edition. If the Whetstone does not produce any stories, there will be no printed edition.

The same goes for the online site. But the difference is that the Whetstone online site deals with multimedia. So, working as a team is required.

Imagine having to interview people, take photos, record video, and then putting it all together. Some people have problems with multitasking, so imagine what the outcome might be if they had to do all the work on their own.

This subject is bigger than you may at first think. It is unfair for a student is a member of a group to carry the whole load. The reason why we do not hear more complaints about this is because most people are afraid to speak up. They are afraid of being labeled a snitch and are afraid their peers will look down on them.

But what people need to realize is that their peers are not the ones who will have to redo the work or retake a class because they failed.

I used to think working in a group was a privilege, but the older and more mature I get, I have come to the conclusion that assignments were only done right if I did them myself.

Working alone, of course, also has its disadvantages.

When working alone, there is only one mind that is being used, whereas while working in a group or a team, the people in the group can bring out the competitive nature in us we had no idea existed.

Group work can also push an individual’s ability to another level.

This is likely to happen when group mates possess more skill and knowledge. That is what makes each individual unique.

No one person is the same and people are entitled to have their preferred preference. Mine just seems to be working on my own rather than in a group.