Kenneth Young - photo by Kristen Griffith

Kenneth Young – photo by Kristen Griffith

By Kenneth Young (Whetstone Staff Writer)

On February 24, a mass e-mail was sent out to Media Arts students that informed us of a change to the department. The Media Arts department is becoming the Multimedia Communication department and will consist of Multimedia Communications, as well as two concentrations, Digital Media, and Multimedia Storytelling.

The three choices will make things easier for students to focus on and take the required classes needed only for that concentration.

At first, I barely understood what the change was for. However, after a Q&A I attended held by Dr. Griffin a few weeks ago, I fully understood the situation. I found this change to be exciting, but I was only part of the minority who fancied the major change. Most Media Arts students don’t seem to even bat an eyelash at this change, which will benefit not only them, but all students who come after them. The change was made for incoming freshman, but can also benefit sophomores and juniors.

I have taken classes where there are always a few students who complain about the classes they are taking being “too difficult,” despite spending most of their class time trying to craftily play with their phones, sleep in class, or not even ask questions on the matter that they find difficult. They would also complain about the classes being “worthless” and have a feeling of befuddlement as to why they must take these classes.

With the Media Arts change, those students will have the ability to select a concentration and take required classes, while choosing electives they would feel comfortable with.

Also, there is no negative consequence for not choosing one of the three areas. If students wish to stay in their current set of requirements, they can.

That is what I love about this change. Nothing is forced upon us, unlike the recent student fees fiasco. We have complete control over the path we choose. Hopefully, more Media Arts students will take the time to learn more about the change to the major. I am sure they would be delighted to know the benefits of the change to what will be in the fall the Multimedia Communication department.