Ayo Kuforiji

Ayo Kuforiji

Claudette Richards, The Whetstone

The Spirit of Philadelphia cruise brought nearly 50 Wesley students out during Homecoming weekend to see the panoramic views of the city of brotherly love, including the Ben Franklin Bridge and the Susquehanna Bank Center sign, all while floating on the calming water of the Delaware River.

Sophomore Jazzmine Baker said she loved the food, too.

“And the atmosphere was great,” she said. “It made people feel fancy for the night.”

Sophomore Donald Davis said he liked looking at the river.

“It was relaxing,” he said. “It takes away from the stress of being a student.”

The DJ played from 1990s R&B to reggae as students, dressed in their best and danced on the colorful dance floor of the yacht.

Senior Amber Roddy liked the trip.

“But last year was better because of the food and the DJ,” she said.

This year the food provided chicken meatball, which didn’t even taste like chicken.

Exchange student Hugo Brutinel, who is from Spain, said the buffet was excellent and everything he ate was perfectly cooked and tasty.

“I spent a beautiful evening with my friends and had so much fun,” he said.

Donald Davis

Donald Davis

Senior Cheyenne Lazarus said she liked hanging out with her friends and relaxing, but, like Roddy, said the cruise last year was better.

“I thought the first time was a lot better because the boat was packed and the DJ was better,” she said. “The first time just had a better vibe.”

First time cruisers like Freshman Ayo Kuforiji said she enjoyed the cruise, the good food and the people.

“I enjoyed the music and games played on the boat,” she said. “It created a lot of good vibes. The dessert was absolutely delicious. My waitress was very nice and made sure my table had what we needed. My favorite part was when one of the waitress sang.”

Brutinel said it was cold on deck, but “it was a minor inconvenience because we had fun talking, laughing and dancing.”