A 'Don't Use' sign on gym equipment.

A ‘Don’t Use’ sign on gym equipment.

By Jocelyn Collins, The Whetstone

Even a former Malmberg gym assistant thinks the Malmberg gym needs a lot of help.

Sophomore Darrisha Smalls said the gym is too small.

“It’s too small and not enough equipment for the students to use,” she said. “Students have to wait until another student is done with the equipment before using it and it’s very inconvenient.”

Smalls is just one of several students who say that Malmberg Gym needs renovating. They say the College needs to restore broken machines, provide fitness challenges, and create a safer gym environment.

Sophomore student athlete Akeyla Estep said she goes to the gym three times a week because she is training for her track season.

She said the gym needs to be improved.

“The gym is small and when it gets busy, there’s no point of going because there isn’t enough equipment,” she said.

Malmberg Gym supervisor Matt Tooley said he is open to any feedback from the students.

“The student’s fitness and health is very important to me,” he said.

Tooley said he is going to expand the hours in the morning before classes. He said the College is working on getting the broken machines fixed.

Tooley is also providing Malmberg Gym with fitness challenges to encourage the students to come to the gym and workout.

Treadmills in Malmberg

Treadmills in Malmberg

Junior Kara Ford attends the gym three times a week for an hour and 30 minutes.

“I wish there was more equipment and space,” she said. “If there was more space, Wesley could offer yoga classes at the gym.”

Wesley sophomore Kalea Russell said she doesn’t go to Malmberg gym anymore because it’s too crowded.

“The gym hasn’t changed that much but there is a lot of more students that attend the gym,” she said.