Christina McTheny

Christina McTheny

By Dakota Smith (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Wesley College’s Student Government Association (SGA) hopes to create a Snapchat filter for the college, bring CrossFit to the campus and, somehow, get the students more involved.

Wesley’s SGA and many other organizations met for the first time this semester in Wells Theater.

“The main goal of the SGA is to get students involved and advocate for what they would like to see on campus,” said Savannah Durham, SGA president.

One innovation to get students involved includes the creation of a Snapchat filter. Many colleges have their own filters on Snapchat, including Delaware State University.

The SGA has invited students to help design one and send it to them. If it’s good enough they’ll send it to Snapchat.

“It does give students a chance to be creative for the school,” said Christina McTheny, who attended the meeting to propose a new organization for commuters.

CrossFit may also be coming to Wesley.

“George Dobbins is a community business owner, and would like to involve Wesley in his CrossFit program,” Durham said. “He has offered Wesley students a very generous discount to join his CrossFit gym. Students would be able to compete with other teams from other gyms.”

An ongoing mission of SGA is to update the library to give the ability to swipe the student ID card when printing.

“The SGA has been working with the library director to try to figure out how to address the ongoing printer, putting the nickels in the machine issue in the library,” said Dr. Cynthia Newton, SGA adviser. “This has been an issue for many, many years.”

This may not happen this semester.

“Hopefully, we will see this update by next fall semester,” Durham said.

“It does sound like a good idea,” said Alec Alicea-Rivera, a junior at Wesley. “It’ll definitely make things easier and faster.”

During the first meeting, the most-talked about event was a possible school block party the day the new Wesley College President is inaugurated the week of Founders Day in mid-March.

The possibility of canceling classes to bring students together and to then all go attend the inauguration seemed brilliant to all those discussing it.

“I think the possibility of a block party is a great idea,” McTheny said. “Especially to get students involved in the inauguration, which isn’t something that they would necessarily do on their own.”

“That’s cool,” said Jake Bradner who is the SGA representative for Prideful Educational Awareness of Sexuality (PEAS). “It might cost some money, I don’t know how much but I’m OK with that.”

Durham stressed that more students should attend the congress meetings every Monday at 12 p.m.

“It’s a great chance to hear about what SGA and all of the student organizations are doing on campus, as well as voice their opinion,” she said. “Wesley is what we make it, so lets make it great.”