By: Najya Beatty-McLean (Whetstone Staff Writer)

If a student wants to practice safe sex, Wesley College’s Wellness Center has something for you.

“I know the wellness center gives out free condoms,” said sophomore Rahim Harris.

But he doesn’t get them from there.

“I feel like the brand they carry is cheap, so I would rather use my own.”

Some students say they know condoms are available for free there; others had no idea.

“When I went to orientation they told us about getting free condoms in the Wellness Center, but I personally have never taken any,” said freshman Joseph Gonzalez.

“I practice abstinence, meaning I don’t believe in sex before marriage. My religious beliefs are very strong, so that is something I follow.”

Condoms are always available in the Wellness Center, said Director of Health Services Jill Maser.

“I work closely with the Delaware Public Health and they have provided supplies and educational information free of charge,” she said.

Some students such as junior Kevin Johnson said the center should do a better job at promoting the free services they offer.

“The only time I was informed of the things the wellness center offers is when I went in there for a cold,” he said. “I accidently overheard the receptionist talking to another student about the services they offer.”

Other services include pamphlets on sexually transmitted disease and HIV, including how to look for the signs of each. And, how to use a condom properly, as Maser told more than a dozen people in late January during a two-night event about STDs.

Wellness Center registered nurse Kelly Schumacher said the college does not keep records of how many are used.

“Condoms are typically stocked and available right at the front desk,” she said. “We do not keep any records of those who choose to pick them up but we welcome any student.”

However, there are students on campus who know about the services the wellness center offers but they just aren’t needed, including junior Breshan Ward.

“I know the wellness center gives out free condoms but I ‘raw dog,” he said. “Which means I don’t use condoms. I have a loved one and we are both faithful, so there is no need for condoms.”

The staff in the wellness center encourages every student to stop by for free condoms as well as to pick up information on proper condom use and what to check for when using condoms.