Alonzo Hall

Alonzo Hall

By Brandon Smith (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Freshman Fantaysia Lock-Harris said she wants her Clyde back.

“He was my Clyde (to her Bonnie), wherever he went I went,” she said. “People loved us together.”

On Jan. 15, freshman Alonzo Hall committed suicide. Hall attended Wesley during the fall semester of 2015.

“He was my long lost brother,” Harris said.

She said she knew Hall suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts.

“We bonded over that because I had it also and I was basically the only person who understood how he felt or what he was dealing with,” she said.

Harris said Hall could talk to her about anything.

“I think he talked to me because he knew I didn’t sugar coat anything I said,” she said.

Freshman Alexis Williamson lived across the hall from Alonzo in Carpenter Hall.

“Alonzo was a typical best friend to me, the brother I’ve always wanted,” she said. “We met here at Wesley. He randomly knocked on my door and came in and we talked and talked about everything and nothing.”

Williamson said Hall considered her his sister.

“Our special fun times were when he would sleep in my room and we’d stay up all night talking, play fighting, gossiping and carrying on,” she said. “We would take late night trips to Walmart just to get out of the building.”

Freshman Alexus Harrison said Hall had a good heart.

“He was a good friend who was always there to listen to me and always made me laugh,” she said. “He was the kind of person to care about people even when he didn’t like them.”

Freshman Kayla Johnson enjoyed the memories she shared with Hall.

“He was always fun to be around because he was funny,” she said. “We met in the underground and started to talk from there.”

Both Harrison and Johnson participated on the Wesley step team with Alonzo.

“The step team was our thing,” said Harrison. “Even though he was late to practice, he would try and make practice fun for me.”