Netflix and Chill event

Netflix and Chill event

Brandon Smith, The Whetstone

Student Activities Board President Cheyenne Lazarus needs help from the students.

“We have 1,400 people at this school and seven attend SAB meetings,” Lazarus said. “People complain about the lack of events but fail to help us with the set up and suggestions.”

After weeks of hosting interest meetings for students, Lazarus said she has become frustrated with the lack of results of people and the increase of complaints.

“I get annoyed because we spend a lot of time planning things out,” she said. “When people don’t show up to our meetings it becomes hard to plan events. We have SAB meetings at 5 p.m. every Wednesday in College Center 212. They can help us plan events and give suggestions along with help out setting up events.”

Lazarus’ feelings are shared by other organization leaders.

“Planning events are hard and sometimes I want to give up because no one shows up,” said senior Alpha Kappa Alpha member Ann Louty. “They just get me so mad, they complain that there are no events and yet we post flyers about our events and no one shows. Don’t complain about Wesley not having events when you don’t even try to attempt to go to one. If you feel like the events here on campus need improvement, join an organization and do something about it.”

Akapella talent show event hosted by AKA

Akapella talent show event hosted by AK

“We talk about upcoming events,” said senior SAB member Amad Crews. “Lately there have been a good amount coming to the meetings. This past Tuesday I want to say 15 people or more showed up gave some pretty good ideas about what they want to see here at Wesley.”

It’s also a lot of work to put on events, Lazarus said.

“The whole processes that they make us go through to have events is so much,” she said. “It’s administration: six people have to sign off to the event. I would have to sign, advisor, Peggy Hugh, Security, maintenance, and finally the dean of students. Going through the process is always hard.”

Ann Louty said she has to work behind the scenes.

“In order to have a successful event, there’s a lot of planning that needs to be done,” she said. “You have to plan out your event, book rooms, run around the school to get signatures, make flyers and promote.”

Sophomore Anisah Teach said participation is improving.

“I see the effort, when we started last semester we had a lot of Wild n’Out events, so it’s been improving,” Teach said.

But some students have no interest in what is offered.

“I haven’t seen anything that interested me to go and I haven’t had the time,” said sophomore Malik Johnson. “They should host more diversified events to bring all races together. They need events that will open up the society on campus, offer food and make people want to come.”