Darren Jones

Darren Jones

By Jake Bradner, The Whetstone

No more may students have to look for food elsewhere on the weekends.

Aramark is currently discussing plans for The Den to open on Saturdays and Sundays for students at Wesley College.

“Probably sometime this semester, we’re going to do a couple of trial runs on the weekends,” said Assistant Food Director Mike Dacko. “If we get a good response from the students, it may end up being something we do permanently starting in the fall.”

Recently, The Den was open to students on Sunday for the Super Bowl and there was a great turn-out.

“We wanted to try something new and it turned out to be very successful,” Dacko said.

Many Wesley students said they would be happy to see The Den open on the weekends.

“I think it’d be very resourceful if The Den were to open on the weekends,” said junior Donald Davis.

“Having The Den open on the weekend will give students more of an option instead of depending on the cafe who sometimes tend to have bad food choices” said junior Brandon Smith.

“I think it’d be a great alternative for students on the weekend to find other foods rather than Ramen noodles or something from their room,” said senior Nick McDaniels.

Although junior Lily Engel is a commuter and barely comes to campus during weekends, she thinks having The Den open all week would be a great idea.

“Usually students go out to McDonald’s or Taco Bell, so going to The Den would save them some money,” she said. “It’d probably be a lot healthier, too.”

Students mostly agree that opening The Den on the weekends would benefit them since a lot of them don’t leave for the weekend.

“They should open it on the weekend because on the weekend, people are hungry and most people don’t want to drive or go out far,” said junior Darren Jones.

“Me in particularly, I don’t leave campus, so I’m here every weekend,” said sophomore Ben Watson. “The cafe is only open from 11 a.m-1 p.m., and 4-6 p.m., and no one really wants to eat that early. So having The Den open here on the weekend would really help out a lot.”