Students at Parker Library computers

Students at Parker Library computers

By Kabrea Tyler, The Whetstone

Student Najee Segar thinks being able to use ID cards to print would be one less dime she needed to squeeze out of her pockets.

“We already pay for basically everything, so using my IDs to print is more convenient, and would take a weight off of my shoulders.” she said.

That weight is still heavy on her shoulders.

The College had purchased a card-reading printing system for the library this fall. The Student Government Association donated money to make the printers possible.

The problem: the College’s ID cards didn’t fit the slots.

“Nobody tried it before it came,” said Student Government Association adviser Jack Barnhardt.

“The device was too small for student IDs to be entered, but we looking for other ideas, such as being able swipe your card instead,” Director of IT department Paul Copeland said.

The new ID card-reading printing system will be ready soon, SGA president Destiny Hollis said.

“The new printing system is not a project that is not working, but one that took longer than expected and I am confident that the system will be up and running by next semester,” she said.

Whether it’s through dimes or ID cards, Director of Parker Library Jessica Olin said the money students pay to print helps maintain the printing system.

“We don’t charge for printing the first couple of weeks each semester,” she said. “We are working on a way to let students have a certain allowance of free printing throughout the semester instead of just at the beginning.”

Although it will still cost them, students said using ID cards to print will make their lives easier.

“This system needs to get up and running because it is a big hassle trying to get change to print,” sophomore Jeanerre Smith said.

“Wesley should make getting the system fixed priority because it can be very beneficial to their students,” sophomore Kenya Gorham said.

“Using IDs to print is something I did at my old University,” sophomore Katherine King said. “It’s inconvenient that here is different because sometimes I have to run out to my car just for change, to print.”

Barnhardt said an ID card-reading system correctly is not simple.

“We are dealing with the vendor, pricing, and making sure the systems are alike,” he said.