Sophomore Hasan Leonard-Hakim's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

Sophomore Hasan Leonard-Hakim’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

By Evan Anderson, The Whetstone

For junior Christian Chaney, picking a favorite holiday is easy.

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because the food is amazing, “ he said.

“Getting together with my family is always a good time.”

College students enjoy the holidays, but Thanksgiving seems to be the one many Wesley student’s favor the most, followed by Christmas and Halloween.

For some, Thanksgiving is as much about family as it is about food.

“It’s so much fun,” said sophomore Alexa Douglas. “Thanksgiving is the best because my family comes over and we all feast.”

“Thanksgiving is always a good time,” said sophomore Hasan Hakim.  “Spending time with family and eating the Turkey is the best part.”

Christmas is a close second, perhaps because it’s all about family, too.

“ Christmas is the best because I get the chance to travel around and see my family,” said sophomore Teric Henry.

“ Christmas is just the best type of celebration! Families come together and have a good time,” said sophomore Sarah Pulling.

Freshman Jabree Purnell has a birthday near Christmas, so that his favorite holiday.

“My birthday is four days after Christmas, so that has to be my favorite holiday,” he said. “I get double the gifts.”

“Christmas brings families together and you get to exchange a lot of gifts,” said sophomore Jazz Evans.

Halloween was the least favorite holiday, but students still enjoy the candy and costumes.

“Halloween is awesome because I love the candy and orange is my favorite color,” said senior Casey Beall.