By Marquita Dickerson-Frisby, The Whetstone

Junior Juliana Tedder said the cleanliness of Roe Hall’s bathroom is an issue.

“There is a rule that only sanitary products or other bathroom related things are to go in the bathroom trash can,” she said. “Yet people still throw their Chick Fil A and their McDonalds in the bathroom trash can.”

Many students, like Tedder, have numerous concerns about the maintenance in Roe.

Sophomores Deziyah Palmer and Kylea Lankford agreed that the biggest issue is the women’s bathroom trash constantly overflowing.

“It gets really nasty in there,” Lankford said.

“It gets pretty disgusting, especially on the weekends when housekeeping isn’t here,” Palmer said.

Lauren Gray, a junior who lives in Roe Hall, said that although she has not had any major issues, she did have a problem with the temperature of the dorm.

“The heat was on full blast,” she said when the temperature outside was 80 degrees.

Sophomore Landon Hall agreed.

“It’s just really hot in there,” Hall said.

Students are concerned about Roe Hall's maintenance | Whetstone

Students are concerned about Roe Hall’s maintenance

Many residents said they were still frustrated that the furniture and microwaves were removed from each wing’s lobby, after being deemed a fire hazard by the fire marshal.

“There’s only two microwaves for the entire building,” Hall said.

“All of the furniture was taken out because of fire hazard, but then it was retracted and they still took the furniture like chairs and tables and microwaves from each floor,” Junior Elvive Domond said.

Area Coordinator Jacqui Rogers said that when students experience issues they should contact her or maintenance directly.

“It’s important that when issues arise in the residence hall that residents make sure the appropriate people are notified,” she said. “When I am notified of maintenance or facilities issues, I can contact maintenance and facilities to ensure that the issues are resolved.”

Sophomore James Poole said Roe also has a Residence Hall Association where students meet with their Resident Assistants and Area Coordinator to address any concerns. Regular meetings will begin in the spring of 2017.

Poole also expressed having issues with the Wi-Fi, especially on the weekends, but said that it has not been as bad lately.

“As far as Wi-Fi goes, that is only a minor problem at the moment, and has not needed to be currently addressed because it has not been as glitchy lately,” he said.

In response to concerns about the Wi-Fi, Rogers said residents should notify IT.

“If there are ever issues with the WIFI, they can contact IT at,” she said.