By Evan Anderson, The Whetstone

Sophomore student-athlete Tyrone Craven said Wesley College’s gym is too small.

“I believe it should be expanded so everyone could have more space and seats,” he said.

“Some people even have to stand up to watch our games.”

Students around campus find the Jim & Shirley Wentworth gymnasium to be too small for a Division III college. Basketball fans have a difficult time finding seats.

Sophomore Bri Bacon likes watching the basketball games but said the stands feel crammed.

“During the basketball games, a lot of people have to sit close together,” she said.

“I am a very hyped fan. When something major happens, I tend to jump out of my seat, but since it’s crowded, I end up hitting people.”

If all the seats are taken, some fans can stand at the entrance or in some of the corners.

Sophomore student Sydney Stump said she has trouble finding a seat during the games.

“It gets very crowded,” she said. “Half the time, I end up just standing.”

The Jim & Shirley Wentworth Gymnasium seats 400. The floor was renovated in 2008. That is the only change the school has done to the gymnasium since it was built in 1963.

The gym can hold no more than 400 peopleEvan Anderson

The gym can hold no more than 400 people

Junior George Cook said the gym should be bigger.

“The atmosphere in the gym is great at every home game,” he said. “But I feel that we could have more students and fans in the gym if it were built bigger and looked more like a collegiate gym.”

A lot of students believe a new gym can be built, but the school just doesn’t want to use money on that type of construction.

Dean Burrows, head coach for the Wesley Men’s Basketball Team, said it’s tight on the sidelines.

“I feel tamed a little since there’s not a lot of room,” he said. “I don’t know about the gym being bigger. There are things to change to liven things up. I think it’s a home court advantage for us.”

During the 2015-2016 season, the Wesley Men’s Basketball Team won 7 of their 10 games in Wentworth Gym. The Women’s Basketball Team only won 4 of their 10 home games last season.

“It’s tough for other teams to get a win on the road in our gym,” Burrows said.