By Sydney Stump, The Whetstone 

For Wesley basketball guard Evan Anderson, it turned out not to be just another attempt to block a shot.

“It was me and Kahlil,” Anderson said. “We were both on the opposite end of the court, and Kahlil went for the shot and I went for the block and when we hit the ground, we both slid, only he was between me and the wall. So he was the only one that hit the wall.”

What happened next scared everyone.

“I didn’t realize what had happened till I got up,” Anderson said. “And then I hear all this crowd noise, I turn around and I see his foot shaking and his hand shaking. I was in total shock.”

Kahlil White, of the Penn State-Harrisburg Basketball Team, was rushed to the hospital Jan. 11 for treatment after having a seizure after hitting the wall in Wentworth Gym.

The accident was caused in part by slippery floors, both fans and players said.

“Both our feet hit the ground, we actually didn’t even come in contact with each other,” Anderson said. “We both just slipped and fell at the same time.”

Fans who regularly go to the basketball games said that something was wrong during the Jan. 11 game. A lot of players were slipping on the court.

“I go to just about every home basketball game, and during this game every single player slipped, if not once then twice each,” sophomore Lydia LaSure said.

“It was odd because not a lot of the players slipped during the girls’ game, but I don’t remember seeing any maintenance guy come in to clean up the floors before the men’s game,” sophomore Zahra Marcus said.

Wesley’s Coach Burrows said the floors seemed slippery during the game.

However, that may not be the only problem.

Junior player Chris Scott said that the walls could use more padding.

“The padding on the wall that says Wesley Wolverines is under both rims, but it’s only a small rectangle, they should consider extending it,” he said.

Coach Burrows contacted Penn State Coach Don Friday the next day.

“He let me know that Kahlil was released from the hospital around six the morning after the game,” Burrows said. “We also put together a get-well card, all the players and coaches for Kahlil.”

Coach Friday said that Kahlil has recovered well since the game. There was no sign of a concussion and Friday said he hopes he will be back on the court soon.