By Kabrea Tyler, The Whetstone

Second floor resident and Freshman Ashli Moore thinks the air conditioning-heating units in Carpenter Hall need to be improved.

“The AC units cause leaks in mine and my roommate’s room,” she said. “It works when it wants to work.”

Half of Carpenter Hall’s AC units are reportedly broken.

“The ACs have a variety of issues,” Resident Assistant Kenneth Ciccoli said. “Since Carp doesn’t have central air, each wall unit breaks in its own way.”

“A couple of them were leaking, but I am not seeing much of any leaks as of now,” R.A. Raymond Samuel said.

Due to the complaints about the AC units, maintenance staff has been looking into the problem.

“At the start of the school year there were some problems with the AC units,” Area coordinator Jacqui Rogers said.

“We have been working with maintenance since the start of the academic year to see how we can improve the units,” Assistant Director of Residence Life Laura Blazewicz said.

Maintenance said it’s working on it.

“Right now, it depends on the money and getting our plan in order,” Supervisor of Maintenance Kevin Hartley said. “We deal with the most crucial first, which includes day to day issues.”

Rogers said they follow up to make sure maintenance understands their concerns.

“From time to time we do have to follow up on some work orders with the Maintenance department to get an update and inform students on the progress,” Blazewicz said.

Hartley said they should start replacing the units during spring break and finish over the summer.

“Our goal is to make students happy and comfortable,” he said.