By Emily Temple, The Whetstone

Wesley College received $200,000 from Delmarva Campus Housing, LLC in November.

“They’re very supportive of Wesley College and what we do here,” Bill Pritchard, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, said.

The College already has gotten $100,000, and will get the second half this semester.

The organization, jointly owned by Constantine F. Malmberg, Henry Mast, and John Stoltzfus, already has a strong business relationship with Wesley, building and leasing Malmberg and Zimmerman Halls to Wesley College, Pritchard said.

The money may be used by the College any way it chooses.

“It’ll be spent according to the direction of President Clark, and certainly he incorporates the advice of his cabinet, and of course members of faculty and staff,” Pritchard said.

Similar donations have been used to take care of long-term goals as well as immediate needs.

“Things come up suddenly, like the boilers in a couple of the student housing buildings,” Pritchard said. “They needed repair and replacement, and that was not necessarily a ‘greatest need,’ but all of a sudden one of the boilers was on its last leg. That became an urgent need, and superseded everything else at the time.”

President Robert Clark said the money also allowed Wesley to repair the roof over the Academic Resource Center before winter break.

Students hope the funds Wesley raises will address other needs they see around campus.

Junior Elijah Gist said he would like to see further improvements in residence halls.

“If you walk into Roe, that furniture is rickety,” he said.

Junior Julianna Tedder also said dorms need to be improved.

“The dorm bathrooms don’t look like they’re fit to be part of a college dorm, they look like public bathrooms,” she said. “If they just gave it some new tiling, something other than beige, it would look ten times better.”

Senior Terrance Olivo says funding could support Wesley’s technology systems.

“Sometimes in classes we’ve had weird IT problems, with the network and with computers,” he said. “I remember last semester, every time we wanted to watch something on the computer in class our professor had to call IT to make sure it could actually work, every single time.”

Clark said the College needs to raise more money to pay for the long-awaited Student Activity Center.

“I like to call it the Community Activity Center,” he said. “This would be something to give the student, faculty, and staff population, and even the Dover community, a place to do things together.”

Tedder said she hopes to see Wesley offer more to the Dover community.

“I think that if the school put some effort into doing some community-based events on campus, that would help build bonds between the school and the community,” she said.

Tedder is an intern for the First State Heritage Park, but said she doubts this relationship impacts Wesley.

“When I meet someone, they associate me with the First State Heritage Park, not with Wesley College,” she said. “They know I’m an intern, but they don’t know that I’m a Wesley student.”

Pritchard said that every connection Wesley students make matters.

“Partnerships between students and the community benefit Wesley right to its core mission,” he said. “That relationship is helping students further their education, and that’s what Wesley is all about.”