By Sydney Stump, The Whetstone

Both men’s and women’s basketball teams struggled this year and both were eliminated from the playoffs.

The men’s basketball team had entered the first round of the CAC tournament excited at the chance of continuing, but lost its chance to compete in the playoffs after losing to York College, 102-91.

The score was close in both halves but York came in with a strong run before the final buzzer.

“We played our hardest basketball all season,” sophomore Evan Anderson said. “We really wanted to win and continue our season, but we can’t dwell on this game. We just need to get back in the gym and start preparing for a better season next year.”

Before the loss, Coach Dean Burrows said his team’s goals had been within reach.

“We have to stick with our original goal of going 1-0 every game and practice before we make the CAC tournament and I think if we do that we’ll definitely go far,” he said.

Men’s basketball finished 10-16 overall and 8-10 in the CAC.

* * *

As her team’s disappointing basketball season came to a close, junior women’s basketball player Maura Binkley couldn’t help but look forward to the next one.

Maura Binkley and Paige Hailstock

“I don’t think I reached my goals,” she said. “I think I have improved a lot, but I need work harder for a better season next year, getting more in shape and being more of an offensive threat.”

Her team racked up only three wins in its conference, losing 13. The team can’t make the playoffs.

Women’s Coach, Coach James Wearden, said that although the team won’t be making it to finals, he’s still very proud of his team.

“Even when the team was down in numbers due to injury or sickness, they still gave it their all,” he said.

Freshman Paige Hailstock said at least some of the team’s goals were met.

“As a freshman I wanted to be on a team that was close together, so one of our goals as a team was too get through all the wins and loses together and we definitely have,” she said.

Women finished their season 7-18 overall and 3-15 in CAC.