By Sydney Stump, The Whetstone

The men’s lacrosse team is looking to have their best season yet.

The junior captains of the team said it’s not just because of talent and hard work but because of the close bond the team shares.

“A lot of the team this year are juniors and seniors so we’ve played together for a couple of years now, thus really creating a brotherhood,” team captain Joe Fingles said.

The other two junior captains also said this years’ team has been closer than ever.

“My favorite part about being on this team is definitely being out on the field everyday with my teammates,” team captain Will Fingles said.

Team captain Zach Darnell said the team wears a thread around each of their right wrists during games to represent the bond.

“The thread around our wrists represents ‘Hold the Rope’,” Darnell said. “Hold the Rope means to be there for each other and do your job. This game is a team effort. If one person isn’t doing their job it affects the whole team.”

Men’s lacrosse coach Bill Gorrow said this year’s group of players have made it one of the most memorable years of his coaching career.

“This is my tenth year coaching for Wesley and I feel like I’ve never worked a day in my life and these group of guys have made it super special,” he said. “The hard work and dedication they have to this team and this sport really shows.”

Fingles said the team needs to push more.

“Last season we lost a few games that I know we could’ve won, so we just need to keep working hard to get the extra wins,” he said.

Gorrow says that this team has a great shot at making it to the playoffs as long as the keep up their hard work and determination to win.

“My goal for this team is to come off the field better every day,” Gorrow said. “Our goal of the playoffs is at the top of a mountain, and in order to get up the mountain you got to move a little bit each day.”

Men’s Lacrosse had their first game Feb. 18 against Shenandoah University, losing 19-7.