By Liz Martinez; The Whetstone 

Junior Momina Toseef said the precautions Wesley College’s security takes make her feel protected.

“I feel safer knowing the presence of the security cameras and their location,” she said. “I have noticed around five in the library and in the ARC.”

Director of Safety and Security Walt Beaupre said there are 125 security cameras at Wesley.

“[They are located] throughout the campus exterior and interior of some of our facilities,” Beaupre said. “We add them as funding becomes available or we see an additional need.”

The cost to install one camera costs up to $1,500, which includes labor and equipment. The last time cameras were added was in 2014, in Johnston Hall.

Freshman Raevyn Reader said security cameras make students feel safer.

“I’m aware that there’s a lot of hidden cameras,” she said. “It makes me feel a little safer just in case crime or an emergency happens on campus.”

Security Cameras Around Wesley

Assistant Professor of Arts Professor Josh Nobiling said with or without security cameras he feels secure at Wesley.

“I do think they are a good idea in that they probably help to prevent misconduct,” he said.

Assistant Professor of English and Religion Dr. Brantley Craig said he doesn’t worry about the security cameras that monitor him.

“Almost everything I do on campus is work-related, and so largely public anyway,” he said. “I can see how the omnipresence of cameras could be a worry for students who live on campus, since they spend more private time here.”

Toseef said she doesn’t mind the amount of cameras.

“I think the safety of the students is a priority and if that means that I have to be constantly watched, then that is fine by me,” she said.

Reader said installing more cameras could be beneficial.

“I know people’s cars had been broken into and the cameras didn’t even catch anything so

there should be more,” she said.

Toseef agrees that more security cameras should monitor the parking lots.

“Often times when I am walking to my car at night, I would feel unsafe,” she said. “I do

feel that security should portal that area for the safety of all students.”

Beaupre said the parking lots are covered by security cameras.

“Of the 125 cameras, 19 of them help us with monitoring the parking lots on campus,” he said.

Craig said he appreciates what security has done so far to keep campus safe.

“Security cameras seem more useful to me for off hours at night and on weekends when the campus is less crowded,” he said. “I have noticed more regular patrolling by security

personnel, which is probably a good thing.”