By: Kabrea Tyler, The Whetstone 

Carol King, director of campus life, grew up in the heart of West Philadelphia. It impacted her heart as well.

“We lived right off of a well know place called ‘the strip,’” she said. “Stores and shops owners changed often over the years from Jewish, African American, Asian, and so on. For me, having the opportunity to see the changes of people allowed me to embrace diversity at a young age.”

King was the youngest of five in a protective household.

“We weren’t allowed to go to parties, and we always had to walk everywhere together,” King said. “My brother got married and went to the army and my dad worked. My mother was a homemaker so she protected her children.”

King has attended many schools, including Geneva College, where she got a BS in Human Services, Abilene Christian University, where she earned a graduate degree in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, and at Liberty University, where she got a graduate degree in Human Service. She earned a doctorate at Eastern University in Marriage and Family Therapy.

King said she has many job descriptions.

“One of the things I am responsible for is to have international programming,” she said. “I am the advisor for Greek Union and SAB. I also help with student orientation and registering for the summer.”

King came to Wesley from Penn State in January 2016.

“I worked as a co-curricular coordinator, residence life, student affairs, and programming on campus,” she said.

King said she believes students are the future.

“For me, being able to help regarding their development and encouraging them, is very important and is something I enjoy seeing happen on a regular,” she said.

King’s office is in the Underground, filled with papers that organizations use for events. Students come in and out of her office constantly.

“I don’t mind because it’s a place for students,” she said.

King says she likes to present herself well to the students and her colleagues.

“I let students know when going on jobs you can have your own style but, remember your audience and present yourself accordingly.”

All of King’s children have graduated from college but one is currently still in school.

“My love for people, plus love of importance of education was critical with my children,” she said.

Her supervisor, Dean of Students Wanda Anderson said King is a dedicated to her job.

“She wants what’s best for students therefore she tries to find creative solutions for situations,” she said.

SAB President, Korey Edmonds, said he and King have a great relationship working with each other.

“Ms. Carol is a very loving and trusting person, she tries her best to help you bring your vision to life and she helped me do that,” he said.

Student worker Ashley Bennett said King is like a mom to her.

“I can come to her with any problems I have and get advice,” she said.

Student Yasmine Johnson said King is a role model and great mentor.

“The years I’ve known her have been amazing,” she said. “She’s very welcoming, encouraging and beautiful; she brightens up my day with her smile as soon as I see her.”

Student Jazzmine Baker works as King’s assistant but feels like their relationship goes beyond that.

“Ms. Carol is like a mother to me and she is the most caring and kind person I have ever met,” she said.