By Kirsten Nguyen, The Whetstone

It happens every day.

I’m about to turn into a Wesley College parking lot and realize, once again, a truck is blocking the entrance, forcing me to turn around and go the opposite way.

Another student, pulling out of the lot, doesn’t see me because someone decided to create his own parking space, blocking his view of my car. We both awkwardly stare at one another waiting for the other person to give in and reverse.

Driving to class every day presents a challenge. Arriving to campus 20 minutes early just to get a close parking spot and not be late to class has become my new reality. By the time I arrive at campus, I have one goal: find a parking spot close to the building and not get into an accident.

When classes are over, I walk out to my car to find another dent, scratch mark, or paint transfer because of the careless people parking next to me.

During my very first day at Wesley, the D parking lot area was filled, leaving me to park in the second lot next to the tennis courts. I waited several minutes to cross the road, nearly getting hit by some guy paying more attention to his phone than the road.

Since that first time, parking at Wesley has been filled with horrible memories.

I continued to park in the farther lot for the next couple weeks of my first semester until some guy asked me for change. I brushed him off but he continued to follow me to my car until he saw another girl and decided to go after her.

I never parked in that lot again.

I wouldn’t mind paying $50 for a parking pass if I could actually get a decent parking spot without having to circle the lot at least four times or running into a Docal (Dover local).

I’m not sure that’s going to happen any time soon.

So for now, I’ll continue to mind paying the $50 for a lousy parking lot problem and arriving 20 minutes early to fight for a parking spot.