By Evan Anderson, The Whetstone 

He locked his hazel eyes on the football flying toward him.

He caught it and ran down the sidelines with his teammates in front of him, leading the way toward the endzone.

Six points were added to the scoreboard for his team.

He smiled with joy as his teammates jumped on him.

Going to school to major in education and to become a teacher of young children, 20-year-old Elijah Tinson not only plays football for Wesley College, he also is the treasurer for an organization on campus known as L.E.F.T.

“My job is to keep track of the budget that we receive from SGA,” Tinson said. “I help advertise, too, so we all talk about what should be posted on our Instagram and Twitter pages. We want to bring a fun environment to our campus life.”

L.E.F.T.’s President, Jamaal Earls, said he believes Tinson goes above and beyond as treasurer.

“He helps out with anything for the organization,” Earls said. “He helps me out a lot with the paperwork and setting up events. I know he has what it takes to be in the presidential position.”

Tinson grew up in the suburbs of Downingtown, Pa., with his mother and father.

His mother held many different jobs, and his father was a software salesman.

When Tinson was home, he listened to old hip-hop music that his mom would jam around the house.

“I grew up on it, so I still enjoy listening to that type of music now,” he said.

Tinson was introduced to football when he joined his first little league.

“The Downingtown Young Whippets football program was the best little league around,” he said. “It was always fun playing games on Saturday afternoons in the blue and gold uniforms. Playing in the rain was cool, too, because then the field would be muddy and everyone would be sliding everywhere. I miss that league.”

Now, Tinson plays football for Wesley College.

“On the field, he’s a very vocal leader,” Earls said. “He plays his role as special teams, not to be a superstar player, but to be a great teammate.”

You may see Tinson walking around campus with Nike gear on.

“A Nike hoodie and Nike pair of joggers is just fine for me,” he said. “That’s the most comfortable brand for me. I like wearing that gear because it’s easy to move around in.”

You also will find pizza boxes in his room.

“Listen, pizza is the best food ever,” Tinson said. “I could have it everyday.”

Along with the pizza boxes, you’ll also find an Xbox console sitting on his table ready to be played.

“’Madden’ is my game for the Xbox,” he said. “Nobody can beat me in that.”

Hasan Leonard-Hakim was competitive with Tinson in high school and always found himself laughing with him.

“Elijah is one of the funniest people I’ve met ever met,” Hasan said. “He’s the type of good friend that will help you with whatever you need. Sometimes. Every time I see this man, he is always smiling and happy though. Even if he’s not happy, he’s smiling.”

Aside from sports, you will find him in professional attire on days when he has to attend the local elementary school for his major.

“We go to the Campus Community School to help the students out,” he said. “I want to become a teacher, so I’m enjoying what I’m doing with these kids. Helping them out is what I love to do.”