By Sydney Stump, The Whetstone

For some students, the first year of college can be pretty nerve-wracking.

Freshman Telyka Brooker-Parquet said she was particularly nervous about getting a roommate.

“It was a random choice and I was worried it was going to be like in the movies where you get an awful roommate,” she said. “However that wasn’t at all what it was like. My new roommate (Ashley Bunting) is great and we’ve already formed a great friendship.”

Lauren Berry in Gooding Hall said she was lucky.

“It’s been great living with a roommate,” she said of her friend, Kayla Hemmelt, “especially when you live with your best friend.”

Giuliat San-Martin said she runs into quite a few familiar faces as well.

“I already knew a couple people before I came here, as well as my roommate who I have known since we were in elementary school,” she said.

As the freshmen begin their adjustment, many said they had mixed opinions about freshman orientation.

“I found that some seminars were really helpful and others were just boring to sit through,” Molly Dromgoole said.

“I found the financial aid seminar and the SANE seminar to be really helpful,” Berry said. “Other than that, the orientation was just really long.”

Most freshmen said they enjoyed the party afterward.

“The sessions may have been boring but the party was really fun,” Bunting said.

            There are still plenty of things that freshmen are getting used too.

Dromgoole said she feels homesick for Somerdale, N.J.

“Since I live an hour and a half away from home, being homesick is definitely something that bothers me every once in a while,” she said.

Some freshmen said they miss peace and quiet.

“I feel homesick simply because it’s nice and quiet at home and here it definitely gets really noisy,” Bunting said.

Others don’t feel homesick, but said they might once it gets further into the year.

“Homesickness really hasn’t set in for me yet,” Brooker-Parquet said. “But just wait till finals week comes around and stress levels rise, then I’ll definitely want to be home.”

Campus life for the freshman has been a new and fun experience for many.

“The lobby in Carpenter doesn’t really have much so we usually like to just hang out in each other’s dorm,” Dromgoole said.

“My favorite place to hang out on campus is my friend’s dorm,” San-Martin said.

Others like to go to the different spots around campus.

“I love hanging out at the Midnight Roast, and the coffee is really good,” Berry said.

“I think the Underground is my favorite spot to hang out,” Bunting said. “You can make a lot of friends there because it’s easy to meet people that you wouldn’t normally meet.”

“Underground is the best, there’s not only games, but people really just act themselves and it’s fun to see people out of a classroom setting,” Brooker-Parquet said.