By Joyrenzia Cheatham, The Whetstone

The Wolverines overcame Kean University 29-9 during Homecoming game.

E.J. Lee rushed for 185 yards and Andrew Eagle caught three passes for 87 yards. Khaaliq Burroughs completed 12 of 22 passes for 145 yards and 1 touchdown.

On defense, the Wolverines caught four interceptions and held Kean to 28 rushing yards. Cappadonna Miller led the team with 8 tackles.

On special teams, Nick Bruhn kicked two good field goals.

Head Coach Mike Drass said Homecoming is a special time of year for the team – even more so this season because it’s the second home game of the year.

“There are a lot of activities that build up to the weekend,” Drass said. “There are former players and friends who come back to Wesley for Homecoming. Those things are great but they can certainly be a distraction.”

Team Captain Samer Manna says the team does not have many challenges on the field.

“Giving credit to the past three teams, we were just better,” he said. “The only real challenge we have is preparing for an organized team such as Frostburg. We have to play disciplined football.”

Along with challenges there are also advantages.

“For a player, the crowd can be an advantage because there is nothing like being on the field and seeing the stands full of people and the fences lined up,” Drass said.

For Manna, the advantage is off the field.

“We bond, hang out and build relationships off the field and that translates to on the field,” he said. “We are playing as a unit and executing our assignments.”

Senior defensive back DaJahn Lowery said film is also an advantage.

“We can see the little mistakes that we made that lead to them making big plays.”

The team does not change their regular preparation routine for special games like Homecoming, Drass said.

“Practice, film study and work in the weight room is like studying outside the classroom for a test,” he said. “Every week, the team prepares for the next opponent the same way. If we work hard in our preparation, we play well and win the game. If you study hard in the classroom, you will earn a good grade.”

Manna said the team does not focus too much on Homecoming.

“We prepare for each game like it is a playoff game,” he said. “Our expectation is to execute and defeat our opponent in all aspects, whether it be offense, defense or special teams.”

Manna said fans should expect great football games for the rest of the season.

And, Drass said, fans “can expect a team that is going to work hard and give a great effort.”

Lowery said he expects to win the first Stagg Bowl in school history, the Division III championship.

The excitement of Homecoming extends to announcer Sean Greene, in his 12th season of announcing Wesley football games.

“There is nothing quite like getting to crack open the microphone on a fall afternoon with a loud crowd and two good teams in front of me,” he said.

He also said people at Wesley makes it special.

“When you see the success that former Wesley players are achieving off the field, that is more important than any Stagg Bowl they could win,” he said. “While I am not Wesley alumni, you can easily see the pride the players take in the caching staff and program. So many players come back and check up on their Wesley family, and it is always great to see them.”

The Wolverines will take on Rowan University on Saturday October 21, 1 p.m. at Drass Field.