By Shenandoah Lush, The Whetstone

Senior Alyssa Moat was in Bennett Chapel working on her senior project when she heard loud stomping.

“About ten minutes after that, I heard an extremely loud kick,” she said. “When I looked up, the middle of the plywood was bowing out in the middle.”

Moat said when she realized someone was breaking in, she grabbed her phone and ran. She said the intruder entered the building just as she retreated into a nearby practice room to call the Dover Police Department.

Only after the police arrived did Moat notice her laptop had been stolen.

“I was talking to the cops and I looked over and saw the laptop charger ad no computer,” Moat said. “The criminal went through my entire book bag and had stolen my calculator as well.”

Music Department Chair Dr. David Laganella realized Moat’s position, and started a fundraiser to raise money to replace her stolen property.

“I feel terribly that she lost most of her intellectual property on her laptop,” he said. “So, I created a Go Fund Me page so that she can get back to work and graduate in December.”

The laptop, which had most of Moat’s Capstone project and several music software programs, was worth an estimated $2,000. Laganella said the outpouring of support from the Wesley community has been great.

“Several faculty have donated, some anonymously, but all very generously,” he said. “Students and alumni have also contributed.”

Moat said the fundraiser sits at $870.

“I am truly grateful for the support of Wesley College faculty, students and community for their help,” she said.

Laganella said he hopes the incident will raise awareness towards Bennett Chapel’s lacking security.

“I am hoping for better security at the music department,” he said.

Moat said she wants to warn students to be careful.

“I just hope everyone on campus stays safe and is aware of their surroundings, no matter if they are inside, outside, or off campus,” she said.