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Wesley College teams have another field to practice and play.

The new DE Turf Sports Complex in Frederica is home to 12 turf fields – one of those fields is sponsored by Wesley College. The $24 million complex is on 84 acres of land with five lighted fields and a 750-seat Champion Stadium.

The field will be used for both practices and games for Wesley College athletes.

“So far we have hosted Coach Tracey Short and the Wesley Field Hockey Team at our stadium for a match up against Rowan University,” Executive Director of DE Turf Chris Giacomucci said. “We are in discussions with the athletic programs for more dates in the future.”

Many teams can practice and play at once.

“We are appreciative to have a positive relationship with DE Turf that if we are in scheduling trouble we have a field to use for our teams in need,” Wesley Football coach Michael Drass said.

The Wesley College Field Hockey team said they liked the field a lot.

“I think the field is a great asset for Wesley athletics to use,” sophomore Bridget Wood said. “It’s nice having a field to go to when the home turf isn’t available.”

The field is great for practice.

“It was a great experience playing and practicing on it,” junior Kate Harding said. “I think it helps us realize that every turf is different from our own and we have to keep in mind of the changes we aren’t use to and the DE Turf can help with that.”

The field still needs to be broken in, players said.

“The field was really nice,” senior Emily Wagner said. “It was thicker than ours at Wesley because it hasn’t been used much, but overall it’s an awesome facility.”

“We are looking forward to building a long lasting, mutually-beneficial partnership with Wesley College and its programs,” turf director Giacomucci said.