By Dylan Morris, The Whetstone

For the first time in nearly five years, the Student Activity Board set up a Homecoming party on Oct. 14. The theme was 2000s, and it was held in the Delaney Hall cafeteria.

Thus far student feedback to the event has been very positive.

“I was waiting for the college to have a party like this,” senior Ahmad Crews said. “I just love the energy there.”

“It was pretty fun, they had a good amount of music and a good crowd,” senior DaJahn Lowery said. “A lot of people had a good time.”

“I thought it was exciting,” Evan Anderson said. “I liked the DJ and the new setup in the center of the room.”

“I was standing on tables,” Christian Bailey said. “The setup was good and I liked the little photo booth they had.”

“We also had a very diverse crowd compared to what we normally see at these parties,” Bailey said.

“I was highly shocked it went well,” Lydia LaSure said. “They (the SAB) are trying and Ill give it to them, it went well. I’m excited for what they got next.”

Kabrea Tyler, Vice President of the SAB thought that the party turned out great.

“It was a good outcome,” Tyler said. “About 270 people showed up, though a few weren’t on the list.”

“We were adamant with cooperating with the administration to get this party done right and on time,” Tyler said.

There were no technical difficulties or any other problem with the DJ.

One problem that did arise was the college’s policy toward outside guests.

“It kind of sucked that we couldn’t bring outside guests, even if they are Alumni,” Zahra Marcus said.

“We should be allowed to bring at least 1 or 2 outside friends,” Crews said. “At the very least let me bring my friends who have already graduated.”

This no guest policy, especially toward alumni, became ironic when at the main circle were the entrance was located was a large sign that said, “Welcome Alumni.”

“Beyond the Alumni thing, the only thing I would change would be to put a fan or air conditioning in next time,” Marcus said. “It got real hot as the night went on.”

“I know it might not be possible, but if we could get a bigger place then that would be great,” Kevin Johnson said. “Other than that, just have more of these.”

SAB is currently planning another party for the Spring Homecoming Reloaded. An exact date has not been decided yet.