By Althea Mignone, The Whetstone

A line of Wesley College students awaited the kickoff of Wesley’s Homecoming weekend during the college’s annual Homecoming Pep Rally on Oct. 13. More than a hundred students filled the space from Wentworth Gym and the entrance of the College Center on the North Plaza.

The size of the rally impressed freshman Thomas Suarez.

“It was similar to the ones I had in high school but on a much bigger scale,” he said. “It was a great way to kick off my next four years here seeing how the school can come together and support the different sports and organizations.”

The Pep Rally was put together by the Student Activities Board, with the help of Mark Berry, director of campus life.

The Student Activities Board had been planning this year’s Pep Rally since this past summer. The rally included performances from Greek organizations, the dance team, the cheerleaders, as well as a DJ Battle.

Freshman Sarah Fryer said she enjoyed the event.

“I liked the different performances,” she said. “They were all entertaining in their own way. They each brought a different vibe to the rally.”

The sports teams were also acknowledged and given time to briefly share their goals for the season.

Sophomore and basketball player Derick Charles said this was his favorite part of the rally.

“It felt great giving each team support,” he said. “I loved seeing the gym full of energy.”

Suarez said it also was his favorite part.

“I am a big sports guy and I live for that kind of excitement,” he said.

For next year, Fryer suggested a lip-syncing battle.

“I know those are super trendy right now,” she said.

Suarez suggested more organizations showing up.

“Whether one organization provides food and the other provides the Wesley merchandise,” he said. “This way I can start to familiarize myself with all the different organizations that our campus offers.”