By Ahmad Crews, The Whetstone

Students said they were skeptical about donating money to Wesley College once they graduate, despite the recent construction of an alumni circle on the south side of College Center.

“I’m not sure where my money would go if I do,” graduating senior Angel Hall said. “I want to donate my money for a greater cause than a statue or a brick with my name on it.”

Senior Mercedes Myrick said she knows how her donation would be spent.

“If I donated money for this school it would be for a scholarship and I would want to choose who will receive the scholarship,” she said. “This school is not cheap and there are so many people who deserve to be here but can’t afford it.”

Some students said they don’t even want to think about giving money back to the school while they are paying tuition and going into debt.

“I would donate if tuition wasn’t so high,” sophomore Tordell Kemp said.

Kemp said he hasn’t even thought about donating because he is still paying Wesley.

“I just got here last year, so that means I still have a way to go before I graduate, maybe then my mind would change.”

Alumna Caitlyn Field said she would consider donating money for a good cause.

“Wesley is expensive and I sometimes think I spent too much for the education I received,” she said.

Field was a member of the Black Student Union, President of Greek Union and Vice President for her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. chapter.

“I was pretty involved in the community by the time I graduated in 2015,” she said. “I was an RA in Carpenter hall where there were almost 200 people that looked at me for guidance. That really helped with leadership skills and made me care about some of the people that are still at Wesley.

Hall said she is inspired by some of the changes she sees at Wesley.

“The new renovations in Carpenter was a great and well deserved job and I would like to see more changes at Wesley before I graduate.”

Senior Luis Arteaga said after graduating and making a living out of college he would consider donating.

“I run cross-country, so if I’m established and I hear the track team is in need of any type of donations I would highly consider it,” he said.

Arteaga said he likes the idea of recognition in the alumni circle.

“Having my name engraved into the pavement for everyone to see when they step on campus is an honor because graduating from here is an achievement,” he said.