Sydney Stump, The Whetstone

Men and Women’s cross county team both finished in the top ten of the CAC Championships. Men finished 8th and women finished 9th.

“The young women runners gave there best, many had never run cross country before.” Coach Stephen Kimes said. “Our young men did well jumping from a high school 5k to a men’s 8k.”

The women’s volleyball team finished with great records this season. Volleyball finished with an overall record of 15-13 but only 2-7 in conference.

Wesley’s football team still have two games left in the season. They have an overall record of 7-1 and 7-0 in conference. Football’s last two games are both conference games, against Salisbury and Christopher Newport.

Both men’s and women’s Soccer neither made it to conference.

Women’s soccer finished 4-12-1 overall and 0-9 in conference, with men’s soccer close behind, finishing at 3-15 overall and 1-8 in conference.

Both teams are looking forward to fighting hard next season.

Wesley College’s field hockey team finished at a 5-13 overall and 1-5 in conference.

“As a team I think we overcame being known as the underdogs,” junior Kate Harding said. “Many teams had to think twice because we ended up coming out harder than they did and it took them by surprise.”