By Christian Bailey, The Whetstone

London Young found it difficult to get involved around campus when he was a freshman.

“Before I got involved with SAB, I didn’t have too much fun because there weren’t any activities being held that kept me entertained,” she said.

It wasn’t until Dean Anderson reached out to her that she got over her nervousness and decided to join a campus organization.

Many students say they are bored with both Wesley and Dover.

“There is nothing to do,” freshman, Cheyenne Stevenson said. “If there aren’t any parties, I just chill in my room with my friends.”

Senior Zahra Marcus shared a similar experience.

“Me and my friends get drunk or hang in each other’s room because there isn’t really anything else to do around here,” she said.

Sophomores Morgan Tomme and Kaya Ziskay said they usually go home if they don’t have anything to do on campus.

“Since we live in Delaware, if there aren’t any parties to go to during the weekend, we just go home,” Tomme said.

The Student Activities Board (SAB) hosts an array of events throughout the semester, both on and off campus. The board makes a strong effort to plan activities for students to have fun.

Each month the SAB posts a schedule of events for students to attend during the week and, sometimes, the weekend. They also have general meetings where students can come and give their ideas for campus events.

“Students who complain should take initiative and find outlets on campus,” Young said. “They can also come to SAB meetings and let us know what we could do to make them more comfortable and entertained.”

Senior Breanne Smith said she was unenthusiastic about Wesley until she got involved and started attending events.

“I have been here for four years, and I can’t say I really enjoyed myself until I started going to events and meeting new people,” she said.

Smith said she kept mainly to herself when she was a freshman. She did not attend any school events but went to places off campus.

“I was bored so I decided to go out and walk on West Loockerman one day,” she said. “I was surprised to see how much stuff they actually had. I also went to the Biggs museum and that was cool.”

Some students said they are bored on weekends, since most organizations hold events during the week.

“I’m aware that there are events during the week, but usually I’m busy doing work,” senior Abraham Jaward said. “The weekend is when I am really looking for something to do.”

“There’s only so much one org can do, we don’t have a lot of events on the weekend because members have jobs” former SAB President Korey Edmonds said. “Every event we had was fun and interactive but we can’t do events every day.”

There are things students can do on the weekends in Dover.

Recently, Dover got its first Hookah Bar, “Puffster,” on West Loockerman.

Puffster manager, Sam Chick, said he wants all college students to know they have a place to come and chill. The store is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. It features a vape bar, hookah lounge, Netflix for customers to watch, a PlayStation, and a Sega Genesis with Sonic for people to enjoy.

Here is a list of places near the school that students can go:

Puffster Hookah Bar (18+)                                                     Essence of Skin Day Spa

115 W Loockerman Street                                                      874 Walker Road

(302)440-5888                                                                                    (302)736-5757


Allure Night Club                                                                  Air Mobility Command Museum

865 N Dupont Hwy, Unit 2                                                   1301 Heritage Rd, Dover AFB

(302)730-8445                                                                                    (302)677-5938


AMC Dover 14                                                                      Johnson Victrola Museum

1365 N Dupont Hwy                                                             375 S New Street

(302)734-5349                                                                                    (302)744-5055


Schwartz Center of the Arts                                                  Biggs Museum of American Art

226 S State Street                                                                    406 Federal Street

(302)678-5152                                                                                    (302)674-2111


Dover Downs (21+)                                                               Delaware Agricultural Museum

1131 N Dupont Hwy                                                             866 N Dupont Hwy

(302)674-4600                                                                                    (302)734-1618


Xbos Family Fun Center (Arcade)                                         Silver Lake Park

456 W Glenwood Ave, Unit D                                               301 Lewis Mills Drive



Brunswick Zone Doverama Bowl                                          First State Heritage Park

1600 S Governors Ave                                                           43 The Green

(302)734-7501                                                                                    (302)744-5055


Dover Par 3 & Driving Range                                                 Pickering Beach

924 Artis Drive                                                                       Pickering Beach Road



Dover Skating Center                                                              Restaurant 55

2201 S Dupont Hwy                                                              2461 S State Street

(302)697-3218                                                                                    (302)535-8102




Higher Power Yoga & Fitness                                                Chaiyo Sushi & Thai Cuisine

96 Salt Creek Drive, Unit 3                                                    1511 E Lebanon Road

(302)526-2077                                                                                    (302)678-0111