Zahra Marcus, The Whetstone

Good relationships are all about communication.

Some Wesley RAs and their residents say they don’t have either good relationships or communication.

“I want the RAs to be role models, both in and out the classrooms.” Christopher Willis, head of residential life, said. “Although nobody is perfect, I hope the RAs are people with integrity and willing to do what’s right when needed. They should be available, providing interactive opportunities for their residents and community.”

Malmberg Area Coordinator Albert Papazoni instructed wanna-be RAs toward the end of last month at a meeting that the position requires strong communication skills and presence.

But when it comes to showing these skills in their buildings, some residents say they come up short.

“The RA’s for the most part in Malmberg Hall don’t really care about their jobs,” sophomore London Young said. “If you call them for any issues they have attitudes and take their time on assisting you with your problem.”

Gabrielle Johnson, an RA in Malmberg Hall, said the problems come from elsewhere.

“I wish my residents were more involved with programs that RA’s hold and not to be afraid to speak to us or to simply just say hi,” she said.

Simone Brown, a freshman in Gooding Hall, likes her RA.

“I like Sasha Wise as an RA,” she said. “She is very cool. Sometimes we have conversations. I hope this semester that she continued to be kind.”

Two RA’s said they believe their residents were not willing to associate themselves with them or any activities they planned for their buildings.

“I would like to help show them what Wesley offers, such as many more opportunities they can achieve from here,” Autumn Brown, an RA in William Hall, said. “I want to let them know I am here to help them and I am always available.”

A recent graduate, Even Le’Mon, a former RA in Carpenter Hall, said he had a great relationship with his residents.

“For the most part they really liked and respected me, they felt comfortable coming to me when they had problems, and a couple of them even gave me appreciation gifts before I left,” he said. “I even still keep in touch with a few of them to see how they are doing and talk to them about life after college.”