By Kierra Whitaker, The Whetstone

Sophomore Sondra Bennett said she already is using the ideas she learned in Wesley’s Bacchus training class, which teaches effective leadership skills and event planning.

“The course was very effective and it taught me a lot, such as different ways to show leadership within the community,” she said, including holding more events and thinking about those in need. “I am always looking for opportunities to be a better leader.”

The course, formally known as Bacchus Leadership Training, enlightens adults how to handle crisis situations and to be effective leaders.

“The course teaches students leadership skills within a campus and community setting,” Latoya Anderson, director of Alcohol and Other Drugs Education, who is in charge of the peer education course, said. “I encourage all students to take this course; it helps with general life experiences.”

The 8- hour course, held over a full day, is broken up into eight sections that show one what to do in a crisis, how to be a peer educator and how to work together as a group.

“I want students to use their resources on campus an encourage others to do so as well and to make a change,” Anderson said.

“The course could have been shorter” junior Kelvin Laosebikan said. “But, Ms. Latoya kept it fun by including videos and games so everyone could participate.”

The course also is offered to staff members.

“The class not only helped inform me what to do in a crisis but with event planning as well,” Elvie Damond assistant Alcohol and Other Drugs Education, said. “The class gave a layout of how to plan an event and to make sure everyone is on the same page.”

“It has helped better our Wooze Wednesday event by utilizing more ideas when planning,” she said.

One who takes the course will get a certified in peer education and be able to put it on their resume for future job references.

Jamal Earls, President of Phi Beta Sigma and L.E.F.T., said this course was vital. By taking this class he has taken note that everyone has the potential to be a leader.

“It was very successful course and a great opportunity to build leaders,” he said. “We need to have more events like this on campus that everyone should just participate in.”

Earls is always willing to help empower others and build integrity.

The first training took place on Jan. 20 which had 50 students in attendance. The second class had 17 in attendance on Feb 3.

The upcoming class on Feb 17 is expected to have about 33 students in attendance.

Ashli Moore, sophomore student affairs worker is planning on attending on Feb 17.

“I’m ready to expand my knowledge in peer education and to be a better leader,” she said. “I’m certain that it is an amazing course.”

Anderson said she hopes to hold more sessions within the next two months to get at least 40 percent of students certified. She wants to bring more sessions for the upcoming semesters.