By Zahra Marcus, The Whetstone

The Halls are still open.

Last semester a flood caused by vandals in Carpenter Hall struck residents. The flood not only damage the newly-renovated building but also damaged students’ belongings.

“There was feces floating across the floor,” freshman Kayla Thomas said. “Although my room was lucky enough to escape damage, most of the rooms in the building were destroyed.”

Dean of Students Wanda Anderson said she feels bad about what happened to students.

“At this point, I believe students have survived the challenge and are moving on with their college experience,” she said.

While many students have not filed any complaints with Students Affairs, some still feel angry about the process.

“First of all, they did not help me move my things when it first occurred,” freshman Brandon Lewis said. “They sent out an email saying my room was ready to move back into, but my room was still damaged with feces still on my bed.”

Lewis’ things were put in a room with other students’ damaged belongings.

“The school offered to give my stuff away if I did not come reclaim it fast enough,” he said. “While moving back I realized that they had unplugged my refrigerator, which left mold in the inside, and wasted the food I had inside.”

Some students living in Carpenter Hall, were a bit luckier than others.

“Well, my stuff did not get damaged or anything,” freshman Kwasiteria Jones said. “But I know a couple of my friends’ stuff were ruined. I do not fully know if the school helped them replace any of their lost items.”