By Kierra Whitaker, The Whetstone

           When some students think of college they think of parties and lots of drinking on the weekends. But that’s not what a lot of students experience.

Junior Doris Tremble typically spends her weekends in her room.

“On Fridays after class I just go to my dorm room and watch Netflix for the most part,” she said. “Saturdays are for when I do homework, and on Sundays I cook dinner.”

She has not been out partying much this semester – something she did the first two years she was here.

“The parties were fun but we need more things to do during the daytime to occupy us on the weekend,” she said.

Junior Alena Brown agreed.

“I usually grocery shop, catch up on sleep and do homework because there really is not much to do,” she said. “I believe if we had more events during the weekends more people would come out.”

Student Activities Board executive member Aaliyah Myrick said there is lots to do on the weekends but many go home for a break.

“SAB tries to provide students with trips off campus on the weekends,” she said. “We just need more suggestions on what the student body would like to do on the weekend.”

So far this semester, SAB has provided students with a skating trip and a trip to Washington, D.C.

They’re sponsoring a March 24 trip to New York.

But for other weekends, no events are listed on the calendar.

Sophomore Tyron Gibson said he spends his weekends visiting other schools or going back home for a few days.

“I normally go to DSU for parties and to chill with friends,” he said. “Or I usually go to work back at home. It is nothing that really gets my attention in Dover.”

There seems to be more entertainment for those who are 21 and over.

“For the most part, I get my weekend started on Thursdays by going to the Allure nightclub,” junior Nneka Anderson said. “I like to go out with a few of my close friends for a quick turn up. But other than that, I go home to get my mind off of school for a couple of days.”

There is at least one local place for those who are not 21 yet to enjoy themselves.

Puffster Hookah Bar is convenient for most students because they only have to be 18 to enter and it is not far from campus, at 115 W Loockerman St.

Junior Alexis Bynum has attended the hookah bar.

“It is a really nice place and the staff is very welcoming,” she said.