By Loutchina Jacques; The Whetstone


Q: Date of birth?

A: 8/14/1954


Q: Born and raised?

A: Born and raised in Cresson, Pa.


Q: Favorite music and artist?

A: I really like Rihanna


Q: Where did you go to college? What was your major?

A: Penn State University for undergrad, majored in Math. Masters at University of Delaware, Math secondary education.


Q: What drew you to this field?

A: Because my friends struggled with math and I was able to help them.


Q: How long you have been teaching?

A: Forty-three years, 33 years at Dover High school and 10 years at Wesley full-time.


Q: What aspect of your job do you find most challenging?

A: Meeting all the different style of learners


Q: How do you overcome them?

A: Try to get the students to come in one on one for extra help.



Q: What do you enjoy about being a math teacher?

A: When I see a person finally get the concept, a light bulb moment.


Q: Math can be a challenging subject for some learners. How do you make your lesson engaging for students?

A: Try to use different techniques and methods, such as for visual learners


Q: What might you do for more visual leaners?

A: Use graphics, making them white things down, drawing pictures and making tables.


Q: How have you changed your style since you started teaching?

A: Using new technologies, adapt to the new technologies in the classroom.


Q: What are some new technologies you had adapted?

A: Using a different graphic calculator and the starboard.


Q: What words of wisdom can you share with recent graduates who are preparing to start a teaching career?

A: Be overprepared for class, don’t waste any time. Make sure students stay active. Be patient.